Barbara Ebersberger-Fischerlehner: Self study, video production and quizzes

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Diese Übung wird von Mag.a Barbara Ebersberger-Fischerlehner geleitet. In Moodle werden self-study tasks, Lösungsschlüssel, Spiele/Quizzes zur gezielten und zeitlich eingetakteten Wiederholung, Abgaben von Transferaufgaben, Hausübungen (inklusive online grammar tasks in blended learning), Foren für Peer Feedback sowie Links zu Inhalten der Online Meetings und zusätzliche (freiwillige) Übungsaufgaben bereitgestellt.

Quizzes for practicing and final assessment

The students start with an online activity in form of a Moodle quiz. The scope of this quiz covers the topics which were discussed in the previous class. The quiz serves as a repetition and includes both multiple choice and numerical questions. The professor considers two setups for the quiz – an assignment test where students get points for the final grading or as a learning tool where students can repeat a task many times to learn and to practice.

After the quiz: Meet-up in MS Teams

After the quiz, teacher and students meet for an online-session in Microsoft Teams. Here, the professor presents new material using PPT slides and Excel-exercises by using a digital pen to put comments and explanations on the screen. He tries to keep this online presentations relatively short (0.5 – 1 hour).

The presentation-discussion-exercise-cycle

After this, there is a break and then he assigns students to do an exercise for the next 0.5-1h. This can be an assignment or a practice-realted topic. Then a new online session begins, which is started interactively, discussing the exercise, and after this the professsor continues with online presentation. This cycle – presentation + exercise – repeats up to the end of the planned classes. In his last classes with 7 units scheduled, the class managed 3 such cycles. At the end the students get an assignment project with prolonged deadline. For the final exam it is planned to use Moodle quiz as method of examination.